Manufacturing Companies

TOWERP is the right choice for enterprises from different sizes and production types. It can manage manufacturers that produce custom-made items, as well as ones that have a serial production.

During the integration our consultants will configure the system to meet the custom needs and the the established processes.

Build to order production


  • Streamline the process of responding to customer enquiries.

  • Track the materials used in each product (also by serial number) and what is the total cost.

Client Orders

  • Manage the client orders and track their progress.

  • Record the client's specific requirements for a each item within a single order.


  • Manage the documentation for each unique item.

  • Appoint a responsible person for each production order and product.


  • Optimize the inventory and order the necessary materials at the right time.

    Monitor production-related deliveries and prioritize reservations according to the deadlines.


  • Plan the production accordingly to satisfy the due dates set in the contracts.

  • Reorganize the plan in case of crisis situations due to unforeseen delays.

  • Plan the workload of the machines in the most optimal way.

Quality Assurance

  • Track the quality not only of the final product but also throughout the different production stages.

  • Create a passport for each product with information on the production process, potential repairs and results of the quality checks.

Example: Food processing machine manufacturer.

  • The production is organized on build to order basis
  • The products are standardized, but a specific customer requests can alter the construction, thus creating a variant of the product

Serial production


  • Create technological documents and a detailed recipe for each item.

  • Automate the calculation of the duration of the tasks in the planning and the delivery of raw materials from the warehouse.


  • Keep track of minimum and optimal quantities of raw materials for production and, if necessary, create delivery orders for optimal stock.

  • Keep track of the minimal and optimal quantities of the production items and, if necessary, create a production order to fill the stock.


  • Choose whether to control production at batch level or to create a serial number for each individual product within one batch.

  • Distribute the work evenly between workshops and/or teams.

  • Optimize the workload of the machines.

Quality Assurance

  • Control quality in both the production stages and the final product.

    Track the quality control results for each batch or serial number.


  • Manage sales with customer orders and organize production according to the requested quantities.

    Make direct sales.

Financial Analysis

  • Plan your production based on sales for a given period.

    Calculate the cost and revenue of a product.

Example: Clothing manufacturer

  • The production is organized in series, the minimum and optimal quantity is tracked for all or some items

Mixed type of production

The system is also suitable for mixed enterprises that use both ways to organize their production.

Example: Enterprise for production and dyeing of fabrics:

  • The production of basic types of raw fabric is organized on a serial basis is planned in such way to have optimal quantities available
  • The process of dyeing and additional processing is organized on the build to order basis

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