TOWERP is a web based system focused on process management in manufacturing and commercial enterprises.

The main goal of TOWERP is to track and manage the entire process in an enterprise - from initial contact with a prospective customer, to shipping the ordered goods.

To be as useful as possible to both customers and their employees, TOWERP is designed to comply with the following basic principles:

  • Operating system independent - To use TOWERP you only need a browser - any desktop or mobile operating system will do.
  • Mobility - the software works equally well on both desktop (computer or laptop) and mobile devices (phone or tablet).
  • Security - data protection of our customers is of the highest priority for us. Ability to integrate with a local access control system that, in addition to raising the level of security, makes the system easier for employees to use.
  • Integration with specific hardware - one of the key advantages of TOWERP is the ability to integrate with specific devices such as label printers, electronic scales, and more.
  • Integration with various external systems - continue to use your favorite accounting, SCADA, marketing, and other systems. TOWERP has practically no limitation on integration with third party systems.
  • Flexibility - the system is designed so you can keep your workflow rather than adjust it to the system.
  • Specific modules - the architecture of the system allows us to upgrade the it with specific modules, and thus satisfy even the most complex workflows.

TOWERP has a flexible architecture and offers a variety of options:

  • customers can only buy the modules they need
  • purchased modules can be configured differently according to customers' needs
  • if the customers have requirements that the standard system modules do not fulfill, one or more specific module(s) can be built for that particular company


For maximum system performance, it is crucial to make proper integration. That's why we start with one or more of our specialists getting acquainted with the the individual processes in the enterprise. We then analyze the collected information and offer the best approach to implementing the system.
Once we are ready with the necessary adjustments and customization, we train the client's employees and make sure they are confident in using the system.
We remain available to the customer for any questions and problems that arise when using the system.

If you want to know more about TOWERP or talk to our consultant, do not hesitate to contact us!

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